A company from Murcia ends the fitting rooms in clothing stores thanks to an avatar

The company stands out with its innovation and manages to create virtual twins in the image and likeness of the consumer with augmented reality.



Say goodbye to the long queues for fitting rooms in stores and having to remove and put once inside them. They are so frustrating that many customers have the habit of buying clothes, trying them on at home and, if they don’t like them or fit them, opting to return them to avoid waiting in stores. A Murcian company and the technology it has developed will allow consumers to no longer have to resort to it to avoid exasperation and impatience. This is the ‘new avatar effect’.

The creation of the avatar of each client would allow a virtual twin made in the image and likeness of the person in question: exact measurements, same size, thanks to the calculation of the morphology of each body. A way of looking in the mirror thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

This invention not only puts an end to that despair or the monumental ‘load’ of clothing when taking several sizes of the same garment to try on, but also to the pessimism or ‘downer’ of those who develop complexes when they feel that nothing fits them. well when they go shopping.


The avatar effect also comes to compete with online commerce, the alternative increasingly chosen by consumers, that of Internet purchases, with the risk that it entails of having to end up returning the garment.

How the virtual twin is created

There are many businesses that are already implementing this virtual twin, a creation of the Murcia company DIM Tech. But, to have that twin, you must first create it. To do this, a virtual process is followed that starts with a digitization based on specific parameters. “From there we created an avatar that has taken those measurements to try on our clothes in real time,” the company’s director of Technology explained to Antena 3 Noticias, Manuel Santos.

Once the user has their avatar, all they have to do is select the garment they want to try on and, instead of seeing themselves reflected in the fitting room mirror, they will do so in their twin, to decide if they like it. A new way of shopping that not only avoids the aforementioned despair, but can even transform it into entertainment, a kind of game.

Added to this is another important benefit, as Enrique Bernardeau, co-founder of DIM Tech, pointed out in the space presented by Sandra Golpe: “This has an economic cost for companies and an environmental cost as well.” The returns would be lower, that is the explanation.

Also in the naval and architectural sector

DIM Tech, located on Avenida Juan Carlos I in Murcia, works for the fashion sectors -garments, footwear, sportswear, uniforms-, architecture, interior design or the naval sector, to which it provides realistic animations. Its creative department is in charge of creating the virtual showrooms and high-quality avatars.

In addition, the company, which was born more than 10 years ago, has a consultancy for the implementation of R&D projects for industry 4.0 that offers its services -with virtual, augmented or mixed reality- to other sectors that seek to save costs in design or manufacture of products. Ultimately, it is about product customization.

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